Style up Your Home with a Hat Rack

Hats protect you from heat, sun, rain, cold etc. So do some justice to your companion by organizing them in a hat rack. A hat rack is a home décor device to hold hats, coats and umbrellas. They ensure safe and convenient storage of hats and prevent their misplacement. Hats are available in front of your eyes all the time and are readily available for use and remain free from any sort of potential damage.

Features to look for

  • Numbers of hooks – Depending on the number of hats you owe purchase a hat rack to hold them. Usually there are eight hooks in a hat rack.
  • Hook style – You have the option to choose from single or double hook. Double hook allow you to hang your coats along with your hats. Some racks also come with a mirror to use them as a dressing table.
  • Material – Besides making a choice of number and style of hooks you can also select the kind of material your hat rack should be made of. It can be a metallic or a wooden variant.
  • Colors and design – Add style and creativity to your home by setting up a stylish hat rack from an interior designer.
  • Comfort – The latest designs will bring more comfort while using the hat rack.

Types of hat rack

  • Wall mounted – They are cheap, easy to use racks which are affixed to a wall at a convenient height. They are versatile in use as you can also hang your coats, jackets and other head gears on them.
  • Tree style – This is a freestanding model of hat racks having a stand in the middle for hooks. It is more convenient to use as it can be easily moved around and relocated.
  • Hanging rack – These types of hangers can be stored in a wardrobe or on the back side of the door like usual hangers. They come with around 18 hooks for larger storage.
  • Cowboy hat racks – Racks for cowboy hats and baseball caps are made up of wires and contain hangers.
  • Portable hat racks – Made up of polyethylene portable hat racks are fixed with double sided strong tapes for hanging them on the wall.
  • 1, 2, 3 -sided – There are one-two-three sided hat racks to choose from.

Make your own hat racks– if you are an artistic person or you want to save few bucks:

  1. Decide the capacity of hat rack. Determine how long you want to use the hat rack then accordingly collect materials like wood, pegs, measuring tapes etc.
  2. Draw your measurements on the wood piece and cut a neat rectangle.
  3. Drill holes on the back side of the wood to fit the protrusions.
  4. Sand and stain the wood and the pegs as per your choice and wait for it to get dried. Apply little glue inside the peg holes. Insert each peg and press down firmly. Let the glue dry up.
  5. Hang your hand made hat rack at the place of your choice.

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